3. How many users on the platform are employees of "Bagel Place"?


Lets break down this question into several subquestions: 

  1. How many users are on the platform?

  2. How do I extract only the subset of records pertaining to "Bagel Place"?

Answers to questions: 

  1. Like the previous question, we will need to identify the count of distinct User IDs.

  2. The difference between this question and the previous two is that we are seeking the user count for only a specific subset of the entire user population, a subset affiliated with a particular dimension value (Company = Bagel Place). To pinpoint this subset of data, we need to utilize the Filters section of the Chart Creator, which is comparable to adding a WHERE clause to the underlying SQL statement. When utilizing a filter, you have the ability to choose between a variety of operators (Like, Is Not Like, Is One Of, Equals, etc.), and for this use case we want to select "Is One Of" - the SQL equivalent of the IN operator. With the operator selected, we can either manually input a value or select the dashboard filter we just created, COMPANY.

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    COUNT(DISTINCT "us0"."user_id") AS "Count of Users"
FROM "public"."users" AS "us0"
WHERE ({COMPANY.IN("us0"."company")}) 
LIMIT 1000;